Arrows Puzzle Game

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Arrows Puzzle Game


Simple Concept

The basic idea is so easy; Just get all orbs filled with arrows. You only need to slide an arrow sideways and it will move forward.


80+ Carefully Designed Levels

Each level adds a twist to keep your mind engaged and fully energized.


Unique Game Elements

Each element can be an obstacle in the way of solving a level. But if you’re clever enough, you can use them to your advantage.


Bonus Levels

By getting higher scores and gaining more experience, you can unlock even more challenging levels.


Leaderboard & Achievements

Compete with your friends in Game Center and try to unlock all achievements.

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Arrows is an irresistibly challenging, yet simple puzzle game. It’s easy to play, but difficult to master.

The goal in Arrows is to fill orbs in each level with sideways moving arrows, avoiding obstacles along the way. Getting high scores unlocks exciting new bonus levels and achievements can be unlocked throughout the game. Compete with your friends on Game Center leaderboards to see if you are a true Arrows master.

With visually-stunning graphics and unique game elements in each of its 80+ levels, Arrows provides hours of mind-engaging fun. .

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Developed by top gaming professionals Arrows is suitable for all age groups. You will find yourself playing Arrows late into the night as you will never be able to stop.

You will never again be bored during long journeys. Whether you are driving in a cab or on a long distance flight or waiting in the airport, Arrows will keep you entertained for hours.


Features Of The Game

Here is a number of factors that make Arrows the most impressive iPad / iPhone game.



We have used high end graphics in Arrows to make the entire game highly captivating and engaging. The quality of your iPhone / iPad gaming experience depends greatly on the quality of the graphics used. Enjoy the excellent graphics while playing Arrows.



The music integrated into the game will further enhance your gaming experience. Unlike other games, you will never find the music distracting. Our music complements the game.


Gaming Elements

Each element in the game is designed cleverly. At the superficial level, each element will look like an obstacle but if you are clever, you can use them to your advantage.


Skill Levels

You can have unending fun and excitement with more than 80 carefully designed levels. You will find the game increasingly challenging and interesting as you progress to the top levels. You certainly need to brace yourself up for the challenge and polish up your gaming skills to move to the successive levels.


Bonus Levels

When you gain more experience in playing Arrows you will be rewarded richly. You will be able to unlock even more challenging levels by getting top scores. Arrows will never cease to surprise you with its exciting new levels.


Leaderboard & Achievements

You will be able to compete with your friends in Game Center and unlock all achievements.

Your key to the world of non-stop fun and excitement is just a few clicks away.


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